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How It Started

What do you get when you mix two entrepreneurs, great Western Canadian grains, and the Calgary Stampede? Harvest Moon Mills.

Clint, an entrepreneur who has deep roots in Canadian agriculture, was puzzled by the lack of quality flour produced locally. We live in one on the most prolific grain producing areas of the world, and yet this isn't reflected in the quality of the flour on our grocery store shelves. James, who was working with exports of commodities wondered how Canada could develop more value-added processes. After meeting at the Calgary Stampede, Clint and James began discussing these issues.

They embarked on a trail of research that led James and Clint to a firm conclusion: developments in the milling process had not improved the product. In fact, the flour we consume now, is of a lower quality than it would have been in the past. The problem? Heat and speed. The current process of milling flour is designed to sell as much flour to as large a market as possible. In doing this much of the food value is lost.

What is the answer? Stone milling. Yes, the kind of milling that has been used for thousands of years; but new and improved. It is a slow and cold milling process, so the value of the grain is retained.

Western Canadians are proud of our heritage. Harvest Moon Mills celebrates this heritage by honouring our suppliers and our consumers. Farmers like Clint and his family have produced some of the world's greatest grains. With products like our All-purpose flour, Western Canada will also become synonymous with some of the finest baked goods in the world.

Try your favourite recipe with our products and post the images on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t forget to use #harvestmoonmills or #harvestmoonmillsyyc so we can also enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Harvest Moon Mills


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