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The Harvest Moon

Harvest: the dying days of summer, the race to remove the crop, everyone working toward one goal, the push to the finish, the hope of a profitable season. All these ideas are tied up in the word 'harvest.' And like a jewel dangling in the sky, is the Harvest Moon. The great glowing orb impossibly large and almost close enough to touch.

This full moon that occurs closest to the Autumnal equinox has unique properties. It rises early, while the sun is on the horizon. The fading light of the sun sets it aglow, as it does any full moon, but because it hovers close to the horizon the atmosphere and dust causes the colour to be deep yellow or orange. The size of the harvest moon is an optical illusion caused by its proximity to the horizon line. It rises at a lower angel, and it hangs above the horizon giving it a massive appearance.

But all these scientific explanations don't change the magic of this full moon. Imagine the farmer labouring late in the day as he drives to remove the crops. The sight of the harvest moon ties him to the heritage of working the land. He is participating in one of the world's oldest and noblest occupations - feeding the people. The farmer, like those who worked the land before him, is the beneficiary of the unfettered view of the Harvest Moon.

In honour of the harvest, celebrate the arrival of this special full moon on September 20, 2021. Use our Whole Grain Bread Flour to create a nutritious treat for your family. Enjoy the harvest in the same way people have for generations, through the celebration of quality grains. Make sure to use lots of butter!

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 Harvest Moon Mills

Photo credit: Kelby Coburn @kelbycoburn

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