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Why Stone Milling?

In our modern age it is the norm to have older technologies replaced by more efficient technologies. It rarely makes sense to move backwards once we have established a new method. But this isn't always the case.
What if this newest method is only better along one metric? The new rolling method of milling grain is better at producing high volumes of flour. But the quality of the flour suffers. Rolling mills work at high speeds, a by-product of this is heat. Heat damages the nutrients within the bran and germ. In addition, mills will also bleach the wheat to get that nice white appearance. After the nutrients have all been stripped, they "enrich" the flour. Enriching flour means they add back into the flour much of what was removed.
Early stone mills were used by Egyptians. A simple set up of two millstones with a handle allowing someone with well-developed biceps to grind up the wheat. This technology was replaced by versions that didn't involve human labour. But the basic concept stayed the same until the invention of the roller mill.
The stone mills used today are not the same as their ancestors, although they share a lineage. Today's stone mills are upgraded and technologically sophisticated. The granite used in our stone mill has a fine grain and texture and it is also highly durable. The stones have channels carved in the grinding surface to allow for even distribution of the grain through the mill. With this process the integrity of the wheat is maintained.
The real advantage comes when running our mill slowly. This allows us to keep the temperature low and doesn't heat the grain. This prevents the damaging effects of heat.
We are confident that our flour is better for you. Whether you are an expert baker or concerned about the quality of your food, we have a flour for you. Try our Whole Grain Rye Flour. Make sure to post your pictures on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #harvestmoonmills.
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